Saturday, 11 October 2014

Frozen Fingertips

Seeing as the weather has turned a little frosty this week, it felt like the right time to post our first wintery mani. This one wasn't actually inspired by the weather, but by the world's love of Disney's film, Frozen. We fell for the film as hard as the next person, and I know Emma has another mani in the pipeline for you too! Even my 4 month old niece loves the soundtrack, apparently it's very calming for babies. 

I picked out blues and whites from the Frozen colour palette, Barry M's - Elderberry*, Damson*, Huckleberry* and White Lady. I chose a mix and match of blues and white with snowflakes on one feature nail and polka dots on the other. I used a Models Own nail pen to create the detailing but it was a bit blobby so the snowflakes didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. 

The cooler mix of colours made a nice change from my summer of neons! White Lady is so perfect and icy it will definitely be cropping up again in more winter manis. Elderberry* is one of my favourites from the Gelly collection, definitely the most wearable blue in our collection. 

Have you started thinking about wintery designs yet?



  1. I love snowflakes nails for winter! It's a little bit cliché but it always works for me :)

    1. It is a bit cliche but they are so quick and easy - why not go for what you know works?E&J.xx

  2. I love the mix of colours and think the snowflakes look fab x


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