Saturday, 4 October 2014

Barry M: Aquarium

L-R: Atlantis*, Persian*
Last but not least, there are two new additions to Barry M's Aquarium range. Purple is clearly the colour of the season as it's featured heavily in Barry M's new releases and we round them out with another two shades, one glitter, one two-tone metallic.

Persian* is the metallic polish, named after the Persian Sea continuing the maritime theme of the collection. It's a two tone polish which changes gracefully between a rich bright purple and a soft and subtle gold. It's really tough to photograph two-tone shades but you can almost see the gold creeping through. The polish is absolutely mesmerising to wear, I couldn't stop watching it changing as I moved my hand about. It's a magical effect and gives off a very opulent vibe. Again, purple polish (other than pastel of course) is not usually my thing, but this one could be on to something..

And the last of our massive Barry M swatching session, but definitely not least, is Atlantis*. A large particle glitter topcoat this polish is designed to be worn over a base colour of your choice, and happens to go very nicely with Persian*, I wonder if they planned that hmm! The large glitter particle are quite sparse, as it the nature of this kind of polish, so you have to be fairly patient when applying it. You'll need to move the glitter pieces around a bit on your nail to get an even coverage.

Both of these polishes are available now at Superdrug priced at £3.99 each!

We love all the new Barry M's, although to be honest I think you already knew that before reading this series of posts! Hopefully our reviews and swatches have helped you pick out which ones you must have, and maybe add the rest to your Christmas list!?




  1. Persian is soooooo pretty! Really mermerizing! I love the glitter as well, it really fits great with Persian :)

    1. We didn't used to like these kind of duochrome colours before but the entire Aquarium collection is changing our minds. Persian in particular is such a beautiful shade. E&J.xx


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