Thursday, 16 October 2014

Baby Stripes

Today's design was inspired by my gorgeous niece and her unbelievably cute outfits! We love to see what she's wearing and receive outfit of the day photos nearly every day. One of her recent ensembles was a pale blue and white striped top with hot pink pockets. The colour scheme instantly screamed out to me and I knew I'd have to create some nail art!

I used three Barry M polishes, White, Huckleberry* and Grapefruit, to match the colours as best I could. Starting with a white base I added the stripes with a striping brush. I was a bit cack handed with it so had to do some tidying again with the white afterwards. I chose to add the pink at the tips of the nail, with two wide blue stripes above it. 

I don't often go for a matte topcoat as the convenience of Seche's drying time and staying power is too tempting. However, these just seemed to need a matte topcoat to bring it all together. Also, I'm struggling a little with glossy nails in my lightbox (damn winter and your lack of natural light!) Does anyone have any tips how to get rid of glare?

The colours of this mani are very summery, so not exactly an autumnal mani, but they are so cute together I couldn't resist. I love how this mani came out. It's almost nautical but with a girly twist!

Watch this space for more baby clothes inspired designs...


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