Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Autumn Studs

Sometimes Jo and I will search for nail art ideas on our good friend Google. This has some major pros and cons. Pros are that there are soooooo many nail designs in the world that it is hard not to get inspired by the other talented ladies and gents out there. The biggest con is that often the pics aren't tagged or credited so it's really hard to know who exactly is inspiring your look. There's not much we like less at DN than people not crediting others for their hard work! 

Wonderful Autumn Nail For Pretty Women
This look came from one such pic. I have searched everywhere to try and find the original creator but with no luck. I found the image here. Whilst I love the colours in the original I wanted to mix things up a tiny bit by picking my own autumnal shades. I used all Nails Inc polishes for this look: thumb - Portobello Road, index - Lower Sloane Street, middle - De Vere Gardens, ring - Covent Garden Ballet, little - Basil Street. The studs are from Amazon. They are a bit too clunky for this look I think but they are the only ones I have at the mo! 

I used the blue to try and get a bit of a contrast and add a bit of interest but I'm not entirely sure that it works. Having said that, it's one of my all time favourite blue shades so I'm not sad to look at it! Despite my reluctance to embrace autumn nail designs (I really thought I was going to miss all of the summer designs), I am fully into them now! The weather is my favourite - sunny with a little chill - so I am in full-on autumn mode now. So excited! 



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