Thursday, 23 October 2014

Autumn Leaves

I have been without my trusted Sky TV for a while as the box isn't working which in a way is soooo annoying as it means I have missed the end of Teen Mom 2 (gutted) and other pivotal TV moments but it does mean that I have watched some things on catch-up internet TV that I wouldn't usually. One such show is Graham Norton. I really enjoy Graham as a chat show host so am not sure why I don't usually watch his show. ANYWAY! Major TV ramble. There is a point - when I was watching Graham Norton (the one with Taylor Swift) I was inspired by his autumnal shirt to create this mani. 
To create this look I used a base of Barry M's 'Blackberry' and then drew on some leaves using my white nail art pen. On top of the leaf shapes I used a small brush with Barry M's Mustard* and Paprika*. I outlined everything using my black nail art pen and added some little dots. 

Blackberry was the perfect shade for this mani. I forgot quite how great the colour is for autumn. It's not quite navy which means that more of the blue comes through (does that make sense?). 

Sorry for my TV ramble but I am so sad to be missing some of my favourite shows I just had to share! 




  1. These look so so good! Perfect for fall :) I love the colours you picked, that blue looks divine! When I read the first part of your post I was like "oh okay it's nice to know a bit more about Emma and the tv shows she watches and ooh Graham Norton yes I quite like him too" but als "uhm I wonder where's she's going with this entire explanation" lol Graham's shirt of course! :D

  2. Lovely colour combo! I think that blue might need to find it's way from the shops into my collection - what a lovely colour x


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