Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Then and Now: Vintage Florals

Here at Dahlia Nails we love a good Cath Kidston mani. Jo showcased her 'then and now' CK nails for you in April and it was amazing how subtle changes made such a difference. 

Looking at my vintage floral mani from December makes me quite embarrassed as it is a bit shoddy! You guys seemed to like it but compared to my style of painting nails now it looks so much more amateur (not that I'm totally profesh now). I mentioned in the post at the time how the fact I didn't paint the entire surface of my nail had been rudely pointed out on Facebook - comments which will no doubt haunt me until I lose my memory - and looking at this pic I can kind of see why it was commented on. Not quite sure why I used to do that!

I remember being really pleased with this mani at the time but now all I see are little mistakes like the transparent patch on my ring finger where the white polish didn't apply evenly. 
I made quite a few changes this time around. Like painting my thumb properly! I tried a different pattern on the index nail as I think last time it was a bit too similar to the thumb. I also made the middle nail a little bit more detailed. 

I was really happy with how the nails turned out this time around. You can't see the thumb very well in this photograph but it was very pretty - there are little pastel green leaves which tied all the florals together. I think overall they look a lot slicker, my nails look in better condition, and the patterns are a bit cuter. 

Which look do you prefer, then or now?




  1. I love the vintage touch of this mani and the colors you used for it are very pretty and girly.

    1. Thank you! That's exactly the look we were going for! E&J.xx


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