Monday, 22 September 2014

Oppa Barbie Style

My new favourite Instagram account is, shock horror, not a nail art one. It's the account of a true legend: Barbie. @barbiestyle is hilarious. My favourite posts are of the tiny little Barbie accessories because I can imagine someone labouring over the positioning of the teeny little shoes. Now I think about it, that's kind of my ideal job! 

The main reason I love the account is because of all the nail art ideas I get from Barbie's little outfits. As soon as I saw this pic I knew I wanted to recreate the look on my nails. How chic does she look?! It does make me laugh though - imagine the setup for this pic: someone took Barbie to Milan, chose her outfit, took her out on the streets, probably had someone hold her legs so that she stayed upright, and then crouched down to snap her with the Duomo Milano in the background. Effort!

I used Barry M's Black for my thumb, index, and middle finger and Caramel* for the ring and little finger nails. On top of Caramel* I used a dotting tool with the black polish to create some big polka dots. These turned out a bit randomly shaped and sized as my black polish is past its best and was quite hard to work with. Still, I really like how this turned out. It was so easy to create and perfect for an autumn night out. 

What do you think of Barbie style nails?



  1. These look cute! And Caramel looks like an awesome colour :) The Instagram account sounds so funny! If I ever get Instagram I'll definitely follow it because the idea of someone taking Barbie everywhere and snapping pictures is hilarious :)

    1. We can't believe you don't have an Instagram account! You should definitely get one! Caramel is a lovely colour; it's matte but we prefer it with a shiny top coat which is strange as we usually love matte colours. E&J.xx

    2. Hehe the problem is that my phone is a billion years old so it totally can't handle Instagram! It can't even handle any app as it is a Nokia 3510i from ten years ago :D I'm the kind of person who really hangs on to stuff until they break down and I love my old phone so much! If it ever breaks I'll definitely buy a brand new fancy one and get Instagram immediately though :)


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