Friday, 19 September 2014

Off The Wall. Vans Inspired Nails

Before going to New York earlier this year I purchased my first ever pair of Vans. They are Blue Chambray slip-ons with little white polka dots and I love them! They did give me blisters at first but I wore them in and now I wear them everywhere as they are so comfy. I was looking for other pairs to buy (black perforated slip-ons consider yourselves mine) when I thought how cute some of the patterns might look on my nails. I was tempted to go for a full on mix and match but stuck with classic checks and my own polka dots. 

Despite having 400+ polishes in my collection it was very difficult finding a blue to match my trainers. In the end I settled on 2True's Athena* which is a very pretty metallic blue. I'm not a huge fan of metallic polishes but this blue looks kind of cute with the dots. The formula of this one applied relatively streak free which helped. 

For the checks I used OPI's Yoga-Then-Yogurt* from the Nicole range and drew the checks on with my black Barry M nail art pen. The checks would probably have looked better if I'd drawn the lines straight but I did not have the patience time for that!
I can't wait to purchase some more Vans. I have been banned from buying the checked ones as I wouldn't wear them as much as I like to think I would. Plus I'm not 15 any more so they look kind of silly on me. I guess you could say the same about the dotty ones but I don't care too much as they are so gosh-darned cute!

Do any of you have Vans? What pattern is your favourite pair?


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  1. These are great! Your vans sounds so nice too, I've never bought a pair myself but I might have to look into it now! Athena looks like a great metallic nail polish! I think the checks look great as they are! :)


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