Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Girl Outfit Inspo

Zooey Deschanel's Pleated polka dot skirt and purple peter pan collar sweater on New Girl.
I love the show New Girl for many reasons, the ridiculous jokes, bromances and Jess's awesome style. It's the outfits which have inspired today's mani!

Jess wears a lot of patterns, especially spots and stripes, so I toyed with the idea of a mix and match design. In the end I decided to choose one of my favourite combos and stick with it. I love this cute purple and monochrome look. The black and white spotted skirt is is bold and fun, while the warm purple jumper and Peter Pan collar is cute and girly. It's hard to get inspiration from an outfit as sometimes it can look too much like you're just drawing a reproduction on your nails - a bit odd. Instead I took the colours and patterns and translated them into a nail-friendly design. 

I love mixing one colour with monochrome and am so pleased with how well the purple worked. It's Push and Pur-Pull* from O.P.I's neon range, it's not exactly neon but is a gorgeous colour!

I started this mani with a white base, and added black dots to around half of each nail. I used a Barry M nail art pen for the dots as I only wanted small dots. Jess's skirt has big dots, but as I've only got small nails I didn't want the dots to swamp them. I then added striping tape halfway across each nail and topped the tips off with purple polish. I should have used a white base again under the purple as some of the dots showed through annoyingly.

It was so hard to choose just one outfit for inspo, so don't be surprised if you see more Jessica Day-inspired nails on here in the future!

Do you watch New Girl?



  1. I love New Girl too! It's one of my favourite TV shows! I love the outfit you've chosen (purple is my favourite colour!) and the monochrome mix works perfectly too! I hope you do create more Jessica Day nail art! :)

    1. We definitely will! Every week we get inspired by something she wears. E&J.xx


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