Monday, 1 September 2014

Mix And Match Luvvi Cat

Every now and then Jo will tag me in things on Instagram that she thinks I will like. The majority of pics are cat related. No surprises there. Some of the things are ideas for nail art. The inspiration for this mani was a combination of the two (although I'm pretty sure she only tagged me as she knew I would want one). 

This is the pic in question. A quintet of pretty watches from @luvvi9. With cat faces! How cute?! Naturally, I want them all. Particularly the leopard print one. And the mint green one. And maybe the coral one too. 

At first I thought that I would create a mix-and-match mani based on the watch straps without including a cat. I added some polka dots and stripes in the mix as the coral, mint, and black looked a bit plain all lined up. I really like the way the colours looked when together but felt there was a little something lacking...some cats!

cat nail art
So I ended up adding my little fimo cats. They are so gosh-darned cute! The only thing I hate about fimo shapes is that they are so chunky. It's really hard to get them to blend in with the nail. 

Thanks Jo for providing me with some more nailspo! Sorry to add to our collection of crazy cat manicures! 

Do your friends give you inspiration for your nail art?




  1. Hehe so fun! I love the inspiration picture (I'd want the leopard one too!) and the designs all look great on your nails!

    1. Thanks Robin. It was quite fun to create too. Everyone loves a bit of leopard print! E&J.xx


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