Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Harlequin Diamonds

Last week I made my most exciting nail related purchase yet - a lighting set up! As the evenings have started getting darker I was really struggling to find time to photograph my manis in the daylight after work. I found a little set on Amazon which included a small, pop up light box and two daylight lamps for around £30. It's perfect for nail photos! I need to play around with it a bit more to get all the light levels right, but straight off it has made such a difference. 

The first mani to grace the new lightbox was this fun harlequin design. I've seen diamonds on Instagram a few times and wanted to give them a go. I just used a Barry M nail art pen to draw them on, so they're not dead precise, but I think they look ok overall. I started with a white base coat and draw on the diamond shape using a white nail art pen. I then used the white guidelines to fill in the black diamonds - almost evenly! 

I teamed the monochrome diamonds with Down To The Core-al* from O.P.I, as you know I love a good black white and neon combo! For a final flourish I added my new favourite gold glitter - Bora Bora by Models Own.

This is a perfect party mani, and a great way to bring neons into the cooler months. I love wearing bright nails with an all black outfit - they're my best accessory!


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  1. Wow your new lighting set up sounds great! The diamonds look great and Down To The Core-al is such a nice colour! :)


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