Saturday, 6 September 2014

Deco Accent Nail

I am a huge fan of Art Deco nails. Jo has done some before which I loved so I thought it was about time to create my own deco themed mani. I actually created this design a few months ago but I wasn't completely happy with it so held off posting. 

I used one of Dahlia Nails' favourite polishes for the base - Models Own's Utopia. It works perfectly with the black and white nail pens. I also used Models Own's Bora Bora for some little, understated gold accents. I used two coats of Utopia and then drew on the design with my black Barry M Nail Art Pen. I used my white nail art pen and Bora Bora to fill in some of the little shapes.
When I created this design earlier in the year I drew it on all of my nails. This time around I felt it worked better as an accent. I chose the index nail as it's not one I usually highlight (it's usually got a diagonal chip in it!) so thought I should switch things up a bit. 

I love how deco manis look. Even with a bit of a clunky black outline this still looks super classy. With the party season coming up fast I think it's high time Jo and I created a few more Gatsby-inspired nails. 




  1. Love! The art deco looks great and oh my gosh I need Models Own Utopia right now!

    1. We would highly recommend it, it's such a beautiful shade. E&J.xx


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