Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Barry M Autumn/Winter Gellys

L-R: Mustard*, Chilli*, Cocoa*, Cardamom*, Chai* and Paprika*
Last week Barry M released six new Gelly polishes, their Autumn/Winter range. The muted earthy tones, perfect for the cooler seasons, are all named after spices and flavourings. It seems that Barry M are moving towards the Gelly formula for all their polishes, as all the latest releases have been part of the range. The formula of the new polishes is lovely, not as thick as some of the early Gelly shades, but still smooth, glossy and opaque in two coats. We love Barry M for their colour range, but also the formulas are brilliant for the price bracket they fall into. 

Sorry for the slight delay getting these swatches out for you. I've been moving house (oh my god there is so much to do!) and Emma has been on holibobs so we're a little behind! Each of the swatches below shows two coats of polish, topped with Seche Vite. There's no nail art today, sorry, but we'll get to work creating some designs with these polishes a-sap!

Mustard - I'm pretty sure this is Emma's favourite of the bunch, and it's definitely up there in my top choices too. Mustard is the ultimate AW colour so we're glad to see it joining Barry M's ranks. I love yellow nail polish but often find it difficult to wear, this tone is perfect for nails and looks stunning as a full mani. 

Chai - I know it's probably the plainest colour in the bunch, but this one has to be my favourite. I'm a total sucker for grey polishes as I find them so versatile. I believe this is only the second grey in Barry M's whole collection, the other being much darker. This shade is so beautiful and will carry well from our longed for Indian Summer into the cooler Autumn months. 

Cardamom - When I first saw this shade I was delighted and thought 'Yes! finally a perfect green shade for florals and other natural based nail art!' When I put it on though I realised there was a lot more going for it. Green is another hard to wear nail colour, but this tone is subtle enough for daily use. 

Paprika - This shade is a lovely burnt orange rusty colour. I'm not quite sure if it's an orange or a brown, but Barry M have named it perfectly! This isn't a colour I would normally choose to wear, as I don't have a lot of browns in my wardrobe, however this colour would look stunning with a chunky cream knit jumper and casual jeans. 

Cocoa - Again, the name is pretty apt for this chocolate coloured polish. It's a gorgeous rich and deep brown polish which probably wouldn't be good for nail biters as it makes your nails look like scrummy chocolate! If you like dark nails but don't fancy wearing black every day this polish is definitely for you.

Chilli - Last but not least a deep dark red. This polish is an absolutely beautiful shade, perfect if you love red nails but aren't quite daring enough for bright red talons!

Please excuse my little nubs, moving house seriously took its toll on my nails! They've got lots of growing and strengthening to do!

Have you got any of the new range yet? We are in love with them all!! 

This range is available from Boots and Superdrug, RRP £3.99



  1. Hard to choose one favorite because they are all pretty, but if I must, my top three is Mustard, Cocoa and Cardamom.

  2. Thank you for the swatches.... I think I love all of these!! I might be going for 3 this month and 3 next month. The names are too inviting too!! Love them!! Zoë


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