Monday, 8 September 2014

Animals Of Farthing Wood Nails

Animals of Farthing Wood Nails

Jo has been trying to get me to create an Animals of Farthing Wood mani for some time now but I couldn't quite figure out a. which characters to use and b. how to paint them. Today though I decided to just go for it. I painted a white base, picked some of the best known characters and drew them as best I could! 

For those of you who didn't watch AOFW as a child - you truly missed out. It was such a good cartoon. It was about a group of woodland creatures whose home had been paved over and their quest for new land. Exciting stuff! 

My favourite character was Vixen but I didn't include her in my mani as she was too similar to Fox and you can't have an AOFW mani without the central animal! The characters I've included (in case you can't guess) from left to right are: Weasel, Owl, Badger, Fox, and Toad,

These took quite a while to create and made me so happy when they were done. I really loved that show and looking at pics on Google brought back so many memories. I even watched the theme tune which led me to discover that the episodes are all on You Tube!

Did you used to watch Animals of Farthing Wood? Who was your favourite character?



  1. The frog is my absolute favorite, but all the animals came out great!

    1. Thanks! He is pretty cute but we love them all (maybe except for Owl). E&J.xx

  2. Oh my god these are adorable!! Perfect

    1. Thanks Harriet! We're glad you like them. E&J.xx


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