Tuesday, 26 August 2014

When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Jo and I are both trying to be a bit healthier with our eating at the moment but I am finding it soooo difficult. It's pretty apparent from my recent nail designs that all I can think about is food. Why does bad food have to taste so good?! 

Pizza is one of my all time favourite things to eat. I'd definitely have a cheese and tomato pizza as part of my Death Row last meal. Rather than ordering a Dominos this weekend I created a pizza slice mani to satisfy my craving. Kind of worked. Not.
To create this mani I used two coats of Models Own's Apple Pie as a base. I then drew on the pizza slices using a black nail art pen. I used a small nail art brush to fill the slices with colour: Sinful Colours Unicorn, Models Own Nude Beige, and 17 Grapefruit. I then went back over the black lines and topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite (I used an old-ish bottle which dragged a little and shmushed my design). 

Well, they didn't exactly curb my craving for pizza but they are quite cute so I don't mind! What's your Achilles Heel food?



  1. Mhhh pizza. I adore pizza. (well who doesn't adore pizza?!) It's my favourite food ever together with spaghetti! :) Your design looks really cute! Although I would get hungry from walking around with those nails! Thanks for getting the When the moon hits your eye song stuck in my head btw! :p

  2. Yummy pizza...I love it, even if I am not allowed to eat much of it! It is really hard to keep a proper and healthy diet, I agree! But at least you painted on your nails your favorite food and I found it a very cool idea!


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