Monday, 25 August 2014

Tressa Nail Inspo

Today's design was inspired by a really cute dress I saw on Fashion Union's Instagram page. The 'Tressa' dress is a 60's-esque white dress with black and pink checks and it's so lovely. I instantly thought of my nails when I saw the eye catching pattern and colour scheme. 

I set to work with Barry M's White polish and Black and Pink nail art pens. I had to make sure I was very patient and let the white base dry, as usually I don't and just end up smudging everything. Once dry I drew the black checks on freehand with the nail pen. On top of this I added the pink checks. The pattern isn't the neatest, but I wasn't really going for the perfect look, especially as it was inspired by fabric.

Fashion Union have tons of awesome patterns and colour combos on their site - will definitely be using them again for nail inspo, thanks guys!


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