Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Tartan

Check Tee
I thought it was about time I tried a tartan print on my nails as it's one of the only major prints I haven't attempted. I found this cute t-shirt on the Topshop website which inspired my colour palette: a nice clashing bright blue and peachy orange. I used Rimmel's Too Cool To Tango for the base, Barry M's Papaya, and black&white nail are pens. I purposefully did wobbly black lines to try and make them appear a bit more boucle-like and less harsh. To create the look I painted my nails with two coats of the blue and topped with a coat of Seche as I am super impatient as you know! Once this had dried (ish) I drew  an off-centre, white, cross and allowed to dry a little bit before using a striping brush to add the peach lines. Then I used my black nail art pen to wobble two lines across. I topped it all off with another coat of Seche to smooth everything out. 
My first attempt at tartan turned out OK. For winter I might try a more refined look as the lines on here don't really look like I tried to make them wobbly, they just look like I'm really unsteady! 

Have you attempted tartan nails? How did you get on?



  1. I haven't tried tartan yet, but I love the look! I adore the shirt from Topshop and the print (and colours!) look great on your nails Emma! :)

    1. Thanks Robin! The shirt is pretty cute. Wish the colours I chose for my nails were a bit lighter but pretty pleased with the combo. Emma.x


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