Sunday, 10 August 2014

Shark Week!

Oh my gosh, it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel. You know what that means, oh yes, shark nails!
I'm surprised it has taken us this long to create a shark mani as I seem to see different variations of them on Pinterest and Instagram all the time! I went for a fairly bold and simple design, using grey polish rather than the more popular blue, and refrained from including any swimmers in peril (although I did think about adding a few!)

The main polish used in the mani is Barry M's Grey. I also used their black and white nail art pens. I decided to draw my sharks - a hammerhead and a great white (or grey in this case), on a plain background as I've been craving a negative space mani for a while. In hindsight I should have filled their mouths, but oh well, what colour is the inside of a sharks mouth anyway?!
I started with the teeth of each shark, using the white nail art pen, to get the shape right. I then added the rest of the sharks' head on with a small brush. Out came the white nail art pen again for the eyes, and a quick extra dot of black for the hammerhead's pupils, and voila! I was amazed at how quick and simple these were. I was expecting them to take a lot longer, but as the shapes are pretty simple they were nice and quick! I filled the remaining three nails in grey and topped it all with Seche.

Will you be watching any of Shark Week? I hope we get all the good stuff in the UK too!
If you've created any shark nails we'd love to see them, please share your links in the comments or via any of our social media pages.


  1. I've had Barry M's Grey for a while now but have never really known what nail art I could do with it! This is such a cute mani and idea :) I'll definitely be picking up this top coat too as it looks SO glossy x

    1. You should do this! It is a bit of a dark grey that can be tricky but it can look really pretty and is great for grey animals! E&J.xx


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