Friday, 8 August 2014

Pastel Rimmel Zig Zags

I was rummaging around in my box of Rimmel polishes when I came across three favourites and noticed how cute they looked together. Breakfast In Bed*, Ultra Violet and Little Bo Peep are all pastel shades which are still bursting with colour and great to use with nail art.
I chose a bold pattern zig zag pattern which would show the colours off. Sometimes pastels alongside each other can blend together in colour, so you lose the crisp line, this is why I separated them with a zig zag.

I started with a white base coat and then drew on a rough zig zag across each nail with a nail art pen. I wasn't too worried about all the nails being equal as my nail beds vary in size a little bit so never look completely uniform. I filled in the gaps with the three polishes, using a small brush, making sure to mix up the colour arrangement. Finally I went over the black zig zag to neaten it up and topped with a coat of Seche.

These nails are a bit nuts, but to be honest, I was expecting them to look even more crazy! I'm impressed with how wearable they actually turned out. They remind me a little of a bandage dress. The slightly more subtle tones of the pastel polishes mute the jazzy design just enough to make it stand out but not be too over the top!
What do you think? Would you wear pastel zig zag nails?

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  1. Great colour combination! I love the simplicity of this design too! :)


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