Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Little Miss

I love nothing more than scrolling through Instagram at bedtime looking at all of the amazing nail art everyone has created. I was doing this on Saturday night and came across a mani by @polishedbychelsey that literally made me go 'why haven't I done this??'. 

The look was Mr Men and Little Miss. I used to LOVE these books as a child which is why I cannot believe that I didn't think of this sooner. I decided to leave out the Mr Men for my look picking my faves solely from the Little Miss collection: Little Miss Shy, Naughty, Chatterbox, Giggles, and Sunshine. I was always Little Miss Giggles at school on account of being an avid giggler and also having a surname that is relatively similar to the word giggles. 

I love doing these fun manis, they make me feel all warm inside! If you want a tutorial, let me know and I will try to whip one up. 


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  1. These are so cute Emma! Little miss giggles is my favourite too! :)


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