Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hot Violet Roses

We were recently sent a couple of Playboy polishes, one of which, Hot Violet*, is indescribably bright. Emma and I were so pleasently surprised by this polish, it's just so fun! You can see our review of this polish, and another from Playboy on an earlier blog post here

I finally got myself to a Models Own Bottleshop at the weekend, and purchased one of the new scented polishes - Coconut. I already own a few of their scented range, but have never thought they smelt of much, especially not fruit. This new one is the complete opposite, it smells so strongly of coconut, like a mixture between sun cream and pina coladas! I have to admit, it's nicer than the normal smell of polish, but it did get a bit sweet and sickly after a while. 

When Emma saw I'd bought this polish she made a special request for a Coconut and Hot Violet* mani. I was pretty stumped about what to create as I've never had a personal request from the other half of DN before! In the end I took inspiration from Emma herself (if you can take inspiration from your own blog?!) and created a striped and floral combo. 

Emma was spot on with her pairing of these two colours. The creamy Coconut complements the bright pink so well and just amplifies it's neon tone. I wanted to keep the colour scheme as simple as possible, so chose to add grey leaves to the roses, rather than green. I've been wanting to try grey leaves for a while so I'm glad I got the perfect chance.

I used a striping brush for the stripes, choosing to go with bold, thick stripes as a change - they remind me a bit of deckchairs and the beach! To create the flowers I used a dotting tool to apply the pink area and a small brush for the leaves and detailing. The two grey's used are Models Own - Misty Grey and Barry M - Grey. 

I'm so pleased with this mani, it was a really tough one to take off *sob*. Thanks to Emma for the colour and design inspiration!

Do you have any colour combos you would love to see us use?



  1. Wow this is SO neon! Amazing colour :) I ADORE your roses Jo, they look absolutely perfect and the grey leaves match the other colours great! Really really great job!

    1. Thank you. Our roses have really developed over the months that we've had this blog - finally perfected them! E&J.xx

  2. Your designs are so beautiful and intricate, I would never have the patience! They're so gorgeous, your both very talented!

    1. Thanks Harriet! We are not the most patient of people so our designs don't tend to take too much time - we'll do some more tutorials so you can create the look yourself in no time! E&J.xx


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