Sunday, 17 August 2014

Double Negative

I have been lusting after geometric negative space manis for SO long but most of them just seem to be suited to long nails. I've tried, and failed, a few times and had all but given up. Finally I spotted a design by @nailsbymets that I thought might work. I had to adapt the design a little to fit my wide stubby nails, as the original design was on long thin ovals, but I think it kinda works. 

I knew I had to use a bold colour to ensure that it stood out against my nail bed so I chose Barry M - Cancun, from the new matte range. The formula of this polish is perfect for nail art as it is nice and thin, opaque and dries quickly on the nail. To apply the design I used a small brush, although in hindsight I maybe should have used a super thin striper. I topped the mani with Barry M's Matte Top Coat.

The lines aren't perfectly neat and even, but for a free hand effort I wasn't too disappointed. The colour is absolutely stunning and I think it works well with the negative space. I like how the natural base colour makes the intricate design a little more subtle. 

I'm still not sure I've nailed the negative mani - more practice needed I think! How do you feel about negative space manis, friend or foe?



  1. It definitely works it looks great! You couldn't have picked a nicer colour it's gorgeous! I still haven't tried a negative space mani, I need to give it a go xx

    1. Thanks Emily! We love this colour - it's great for summer. It was harder than we thought but we'll definitely be trying this kind of look again. E&J.xx

  2. Your manicure looks amazing. I love the model and the blue nail polish :)

  3. I love it - this polish looks incredible on you! It's such a cute design (and ring finger pattern could definitely be adapted for Christmas as it has the makings of a tree!!!!) Sarah x

  4. I love negative space designs and the nail polish you chose is stunning! Your nails are so detailed too!


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