Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Beautiful Beach Bag

So I'm totally in love with Models Own Polish For Tans, whyyy did I not get these as soon as they came out?! I can't stop using them in my manis at the moment, so I hope you like them too!

Today's mani uses Beach Bag and Misty Grey, both from Models Own. I started off with a simple fade and liked it so much I had to photograph it. The worst thing about doing a nice fade is the potential to mess up the design on top, so we've got into the habit of taking some quick pics before adding any art work, just in case! I would happily have stopped my mani here, the two shades are gorgeous together, but I just couldn't resist something on top. 

I went for a geometric design on top of the fade - does everyone else think neon and geometric were born to go together?! I chose a simple freehand triangles pattern. Using a Models Own nail art pen I drew random triangles, evenly spaced, onto each nail. Although pretty easy to create, this design did take forever and I had a very shaky hand afterwards! I love how the design came out so might try it again, maybe mixing up the colours, or filling some triangles in with a different colour.

I'm making the most of these neon pastels while we cling on to the last dregs of summer! They are so fun and bright, but the pastel element makes them really wearable too. I even wore Shades to work the other day!

Do you have any of the Polish For Tans collection?


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  1. I love this Jo! I love the contrast in the gradient and the triangles you added on top are perfect! I don't own any of the Polish for Tans shades but I recently picked up Southern lights after seeing you and Emma feature it on your blog - it's the perfect glitter! :)


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