Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Anyone For Tea?

This weekend the boyf and I treated ourselves to a meal out at my absolute fave Chinese restaurant. After stuffing ourselves to bursting we finished off the meal with a pot of jasmine tea. We were most intrigued by the gorgeous patterns on, and built into, the ceramics. As we failed to take a decent photo of our tea cups I've had to borrow this one from Google. It must be a popular design as it's exactly the same as the ones we were served in. Of course I was inspired by the patterns and colours and decided to create some Chinese pottery nail art.

I used Models Own - Betty Blue for the edging design. The colour is spot on, but annoyingly I've had this polish for a while and it's all gloopy now, so it was really difficult to work with. Some of the lines are a lot thicker than they were meant to be, oops. I used a thin striper and a small brush to draw the patterns on, not as neatly as I would have liked, but not too bad as an overall look. 

For the spots, which are thinner sections of pottery (yep we held them up to the light to see it glowing through), I used Barry M - Huckleberry. It's a bit more blue than the true life colour, but it's so pale it worked perfectly. 

Although they could have been neater, I was really chuffed with this design. I love the mix of white, pale blue and rich navy. This design is a bit more 'grown up' than some of my recent manis and I totally love it!


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