Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Purrfect Present

After starting our cat spinoff on tumblr I started to think of all the cat manis I wanted to create. Now I am a crazy cat lady but even I was starting to get a bit bored of all of the ideas so had a little break from cute cats (and even allowed Jo to create this amazing dog mani!). 

Last weekend I decided to get back on the cat theme and thought of all the best cats. Two of the first to spring to mind were Duchess and Marie from the Aristocats. The film seems so old when I rewatch it now but I still love it. All kinds of cats are captured purrfectly (excuse the pun) - the suave alley cat, the classy house cat, the cheeky kittens, and everything in between. 
I used Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream for the base colour. It is one of my favourite pinks so I am glad that it worked so well for this look. For the accent nail I used my white Barry M nail art pen to draw a Marie-like feline. The brighter pink is a Models Own nail pen and the eyes were drawn with my black Barry M nail art pen and a little splodge of Barry M's Turquoise. The gems are from a set I purchased on Amazon.

I actually created a better version of this mani but the pink bow smudged dreadfully so it had to be scrapped. This one turned out pretty cute too but the eyes aren't quite as sharp as I would have liked. 

I hope you guys don't mind a cat mani every now and then!



  1. So cute! The pink base colour is perfect for this design and I actually really like how your cat's eyes came out!

    1. Thank you Robin! The other eyes were much better though, trust me. So sad! Glad she's still cute though:) E&J.xx


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