Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tutorial: Faded Flags For 4th July

I saw this mani on Instagram by @annkristin0 and knew that I wanted to recreate them for 4th July. There are a lot of red, white, and blue manis doing the rounds at the moment so I was intrigued by this more muted design. Even though I'm from the UK with no particularly strong feelings about US Independence I love getting involved in this holiday as it's so fun, especially for us nail art enthusiasts. 
To recreate this design I used Barry M's Rosehip* and Huckleberry* along with their white nail art pen. To top everything off I used my trusty Seche Vite. Then I just followed the five easy steps below.
1. Paint two coats of your chosen base. I used Rosehip*
2. Draw on some white stripes and a rectangle in one of the corners
3. Use your blue shade to colour in the rectangle. I used Huckleberry*
4. Use your white nail art pen to draw some little spots in the blue bit
5. Top it all of with a quick drying top coat

One thing I noticed after I had created the mani was that the flag looks a bit backwards! Oops! So feel free to draw either the stripes horizontally or the blue patch in the other corner. 

Will any of you be celebrating the 4th July? 




  1. This are so pretty! I love that these are pastel coloured too! Great tutorial! I don't think it matters that much that the flag is backwards - I didn't even realise until you pointed it out - oops! :P

    1. Oh! I shouldn't have pointed it out! Emma.x


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