Thursday, 24 July 2014

Revlon Nail Art Duos

I was recently given a couple of Revlon's new nail art duos, one in blue, one in dark red. The duos are made up of a matte polish with a normal brush, and a coordinating metallic with a striper brush. They looked really interesting and the colours are gorgeous so I thought I'd put a review of them here for you. 

I started with the blue version. The matte polish is really dark navy, such a lovely colour. I was a bit disappointed as the polish was thick and gloopy, but even so, it applied well and dried with a really lovely matte finish. I didn't need to top it up with a matte topcoat as you do with some matte finish polishes. The metallic polish has a great formula which is opaque in one coat, although I used two here. It wasn't easy using the striper brush for a full nail, but that's not what it was designed for! I used a dotting tool to add the detailing on my ring finger.

The red formula was much better than the blue, making me think that maybe I was unlucky getting a gloopy one. It went on so smoothly and dried to a lovely matte finish nice and quickly - important if you're not adding a top coat to help the process! I went for a simple design again, with one metallic nail. The metallic in this duo is a pale gold, again opaque in one coat and really easy to use. Again, I used a different tool to add my design, as the built in striper is quite thin. I used a small brush to draw on leopard print, the gold and the red lent themselves perfectly to a bit of animal print! 

These duos are really cute colours, lovely polishes and easy to use. You may need to additional tools to create intricate designs, but the built in striper is perfect for french tips, half and half nails or stripes. If you want to have a go at nail art without buying a load of bits and bobs these are definitely worth trying out!

These are available in Boots and other UK stores, RRP £7.99.


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  1. very gorgeous nail art man... fantastic color combination .. i like this art . i am impressed with this art.. very amazing art and very much unique art.. i like your site. it provide very different art ... thanks for sharing this man..


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