Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pug Life

Pug nails have been lurking in the back of my mind for a while, ever since I saw @iscreamnails do them on Instagram. I knew I'd have to get a bit more practice before attempting it, as usually I stick to patterns and am not great at designs that actually need to look like something! After creating my Siamese cat nails I was almost confident that I could pull off a little pug face. 

I picked out a few polishes from my Barry M collection - Caramel*, Mushroom, Elderberry* and their black, white and pink nail art pens. I used Elderberry* as the base colour as I've been itching to use it since we got our hands on it. Such a gorgeous subtle blue, it works perfectly as a base for nail art. 

I drew the pug shape on with the white nail art pen, and then added the black outlines. The colours and detailing were then applied between the lines. I used the white nail pen to write PUG LIFE on my ring finger. The original plan was for this nail to read 'Pugs Not Drugs' but my titchy nails just weren't having it! For the final touch I added pink polka dots on the bare nails using the pink nail art pen. I love how this adds a girly edge to link in with our pug's cute bow. 

Our little pug has a bit of a wonky eye, which really bugs me, but I suppose it adds to her derpy look! I'm glad I finally gave this mani a go, as although it's not something you would wear every day it's super cute and fun! 

I'm not sure what to name her, does anyone have any ideas?!




  1. These are so cute! I cannot believe you did this freehand - the pug looks perfect! Did you manage to do this on both hands?!? Elderberry is the perfect base too! :)

    1. Thank you! Practise makes perfect! There's no way we could have done this a year ago. However, we very rarely manage the other hand. That's what we have each other for! E&J.xx


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