Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pretty Panda

You may have spotted that I've got a bit of a thing for animal themed nail art at the moment. I've already posted Siamese cats, ladybirds, a pug, bees and now it's panda time! I think it's the lovely summery weather we've been having recently which has been inspiring me to bring some nature to my nails.
It was my colleague, Taz, who suggested panda nails. I have done some in the past, but just when I was starting out and they were pretty rubbish - you'll have to take my word for that as I'm not sharing any pics! This time round I used the same technique as with my siamese cats and pugs - drawing the shape on in white and filling in the details by layering on top. Being monochrome, pandas are nice and simple with not too many layers (meaning less drying time in between!) I used black and white Barry M nail pens for the whole panda - no brushes or tools required.

I chose to add some bamboo to accompany the little panda. I wasn't 100% sure about adding green to the pale pink and monochrome design, but I like that it added a bit more colour and depth to the design. I painted on rough white stripes, topped these with Rimmel's Round and Round the Garden, and then added detailing with a black nail art pen. They're not the neatest bamboos but that's the look I was going for - honest! The base colour is the gorgeous baby pink Models Own - Pink Veneer Hypergel polish.
@theprincessandthepolish posted a similar mani on Instagram yesterday using panda decals from Born Pretty Store. Yes! We're definitely up for a panda nails craze, come on people, join the club! If you fancy trying out some decals make sure you use Alexandra's Born Pretty 10% discount code - FDJ61.
I don't see this animal theme dying out any time soon so if you have any requests for us please comment!


  1. How cute! Your panda looks really good :) I love the cartoon-y bamboo too, and the combination with the pink is super cute as well!

    1. We thought the bamboo added a little something rather than just using the polka dots. Glad you liked it. E&J.xx


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