Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Little Ladybirds Tutorial

We love a good critter based nail design, so today we've gone for ladybirds! I used to love finding ladybirds as a child, they almost became a little pet for the two minutes they stuck around before getting bored and flying off! People keep asking us for tutorials and this design is so simple and fun I thought I'd oblige. Here you go, six simple steps to ladybird nails! 

The tools I used were: O.P.I - Red My Fortune Cookie*, a black nail art pen/striper from Primark, O.P.I - Put A Coat On! (white) and a dotting tool. 

Step 1 - Paint two coats of your favourite red (I used a white base coat for an extra vibrant colour)
Step 2 - Using the striper part of your nail pen (or a striping brush) paint a black line down the centre of each nail
Step 3 - Add a black semi circle at the tip of each nail using a nail pen or polish
Step 4 - Using your nail pen or a dotting tool add three dots to each half of your ladybirds
Step 5 - Add white dots for eyes using a nail pen or dotting tool
Step 6 - Finish off with small black dots inside the white eyes and a coat of your fave top coat (we use Seche or HK Girl) 

These little guys (or should I say girls?!) are just so cute! Perfect for fancy dress, a summer party, or a little princess. Sorry about my wonky nails in the tutorial, I need to find a better hand pose for them I think!

You may have noticed, as this is the second one in a row, that we're trying to do more tutorials for you. If you follow any of our tutorials we would love to see the outcomes, please share pics with us on any of our social media sites, links to them all are over here --->



  1. Ahh so cute!! These are uber smooth and glossy - did you use Seche or HK Girl?
    Loving the tutorials, too!
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah! We used Seche for these ones, just ran out of HK Girl :( Jo x

  2. These are so cute! Great tutorial too! :)

    1. Thank you! We are trying to do a few more tutorials for everyone - happy that you like them. E&J.xx


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