Saturday, 5 July 2014

I Want To Ride My Bicycle - Tour de France

And they're off!!

The Tour de France set off today from Yorkshire (err yeh, not France then?) so we thought we should mark the occasion with some bicycle themed nail art. Emma and I are not keen cyclists - I've tried and have the scars (mountain biking) and memories of severe heat exhaustion (French countryside in height of summer) to remind me why to stay away from bikes. However, a lot of my friends and their other halves have got into various forms of cycling recently and I am in awe of their dedication and progress. 

Having lived in Islington I am all too familiar with the trend for Hipster fixie bikes, seriously, bikes everywhere! This trend also seems to have moved into fashion as you see cute bike necklaces and clothing prints all over the place - this is another reason the design made it onto our nail art 'to do' list. 

Although you've probably worked it out already, there is yet another source of inspiration thrown into this one too - Queen! I absolutely love Queen and could not resist adding some pretty apt lyrics of theirs into this mani. 

In theory this design was pretty easy to create, my only issue was with spacing as it had to be quite exact. My middle finger took three attempts to get right and it's still not perfect, if only there was an eraser for nail art!!

I started with a thin white base of O.P.I -Put A Coat On!* on all fingers. I then added a second coat to make it fully opaque on the two middle fingers which would become accent nails. The detailing was added with a Black Barry M nail art pen, and neatened up with their White pen (almost like using tippex - a cheeky tactic that only works if you're using a white base colour). The yellow, inspired by the jersey of the Tour de France's lead rider, is Electric Yellow by Maybelline. Using a white base gives the yellow colour more depth as it is quite a sheer polish. 

Will you be dusting off your bike this summer?



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