Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Emma Bridgewater - Big Love

I received this super cute pair of mugs as a birthday gift a few years ago from my lovely friend Charlie. They immediately became favourites and have stayed that way ever since. Does anyone else have a favourite mug?? This pair always remind me of a lazy Saturday morning in bed with a tea and a book!

Emma Bridgewater designs are all so pretty, it was only ever going to be a matter of time until we used them as inspiration. I've been meaning to recreate this simple blue and cream starry print for a while now. 

I used two Models Own polishes, Betty Blue and Cloud 9 (bottleshop exclusive), to match the mug colours as closely as possible. I knew the sheer cream polish would struggle to stand out on the navy background, so I used a white nail art pen to draw out the design first, then used a small brush to add the colour. We often use white as a nail art base as it makes the colours pop no matter your base shade. I added a second navy nail to balance out the 'Big Love' accent. 

I was putting this mani off as it seemed to simple to be easy. Sometimes when a design seems really easy it doesn't turn out at all like you envisaged. Thankfully I'm pleased with this one, the colour combo is perfect and the addition of a second navy nail balances it out well. 

I've got a few more Emma Bridgewater prints in my sights, but they are a fair bit more complicated so still building up to take them on!!


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  1. These mugs are so cute! I have a few favourite mugs too! The stars are so neat - how did you do them so perfect? - I'd love to see a tutorial for them! The accent nail is so neat too! :)


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