Monday, 7 July 2014

Daisy Fade

For today's mani I skipped back a season and brought out Barry M's Spring Gelly collection - Rosehip*, Sugar Apple* and Huckleberry*. We loved this trio as soon as we saw them and you'll notice they appear quite regularly on the blog. Although, I think this is the first time I've created a design out of just the three polishes.

The result of combining three Spring pastels is a mani which looks incredibly Easter themed, this was not intentional!! I love negative space designs, but often my nails are quite stained, or the tips are uneven which doesn't make me feel like showing them off. This negative space mani only shows off the base of my nail, which I have no complaints about!

L-R: Rosehip, Sugar Apple, Huckleberry

I used a standard sponge to add 3 coats of polish to each nail, aiming for a fairly subtle gradient. As the polishes are pastels they blended well with the natural colour of my nail bed. The mani looked a bit dull with no art on it, so I made a last minute decision to add tiny daisies. These were drawn on with my White Barry M nail art pen - just 5 dots in a circle forms the perfect shape. I added a yellow centre using Maybelline - Electric Yellow and a small dotting tool.

I think this design resembles wild flowers in a field, especially the nails with Sugar Apple polish. It almost looks like something you would see on a washing powder advert!

This was one of those designs that I started with no real plan of where I was going. Usually they turn out appallingly but I'm really pleased with this one!!



  1. These are so cute! The design looks so delicate and I love the combination of colours! :)

    1. The colours are perfect together - such a good range by Barry M. E&J.xx


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