Monday, 21 July 2014

Barry M Half Stripes

This design was inspired by a total stranger, a girl I saw on the street wearing a really cute mint and striped top. I almost stopped her to ask where she got it but didn't want to chase after her down a busy street! I was feeling bit uninspired, nail art wise, so was really pleased to stumble upon such a cute pattern and colour combo.

I used all Barry M polishes to create this design, Bikini*, Greenberry, Black and White. I started with a white base on every nail. Once this was dry I applied 2 or 3 pieces of striping tape to the top half of each nail. I filled the bottom half of the nails with the blue and mint polishes, and added black on the top half. When I removed the striping tape I was left with black and white stripes across the end of each nail, with block colour at the base. 

I absolutely love how simple yet striking this design is. The striping tape requires a modicum of patience, but if you have that then you're set! Another good thing about this design is that you can use pretty much any colours. You can team monochrome stripes with whatever base colour you like, or mix up the stripe colours too. I was contemplating an all pastel design for a more subtle look - perhaps pink and white stripes with a pale lilac base. 

I'm getting better at taking striping tape off without smudging it now, although I did smear the black lines with my top coat on this attempt, grr! Black lines just love smudging into white, so if you try this out make sure you wait until they're fully dry and take extra care with your top coat.


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  1. I think nail art inspiration comes when we least expect it! I love the simplicity of these! The colours work so well together and the stripes really make the design stand out! :)


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