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18 Wedding Nail Art Ideas

Wedding Nail Ideas
The wedding season is upon us and my mind has been overflowing with ideas for both brides and guests to wear on the big day. For this wheel I chose some of the tamer ideas to showcase, the nice neutrals. I might do a wheel tailored more for guests soon as I think you can be a bit more adventurous with colour and design when you aren't in the wedding party (this is totally not going to apply at my wedding - my nails will look INSANE!). 

I'm afraid I can't remember the names of all of the polishes I used but where I can recall I shall put in the design description. 
Glitter Fade Models Own's Utopia is the perfect base for an understated glitter fade. I dragged a silver holo glitter from the top to middle to create the fade. 
Wisteria I used a dotting tool to create some elongated petal shapes for this look. I used a mixture of lilacs and some green for leaves.  The base colour is Barry M's Coconut*
Matte White Heart I think matte white is a great little mis-up for those who want tradition with a twist. I used Barry M's White, Rimmel's matte top coat and a little heart gem for this look. 
The Bride The base for this is Barry M's Lychee. I drew the dress on using a white nail art pen and stuck some diamantes for the necklace. You could dots if you don't have any gems. 
Dotty Chain I used my nail art pen to draw some lines over a pale pink base and then randomly added some multi-sized circles to create pretty chains. 
Pearl A little while ago I bought some pearl nail gems from amazon for about £3. I haven't really used them for anything else as they are a bit clunky but they're great fun for a wedding one off!
Jelly Sandwich I used a sheer pearl polish for the top and base coat here. In the middle is a coat of silver glitter. You need a sheer polish for this so that the glitter shines through. 
Polka The base here is Barry M's Huckleberry*. I used a white nail pen for the dots but you could just as easily use a dotting tool. A little gem makes this a bit more jazzy for a wedding. 
Gold Fade For this look I spread a gold glitter over a pure white base. The glitter is Supercharged by Victoria's Secret. 
Pink Frenchie A French manicure is classic for a wedding. I used a pretty pink base here (not sure of the exact colour - sorry!). 
White Stripes I used a white nail art pen to create some thin stripes over an off-white base. The base colour is, again, Barry M's Coconut*
Caviar I used a Ciate caviar kit for this. Painting a base of off white I shoved the wet nail into a tray of tiny beads. 
Lacy Heart I used Jo's tutorial for this look. The base is Topshop's Parma Violet, one of my all time fave lilacs. This look is a bit more 'out-there' than the others but could look really cute.
Vintage Lace I used a white nail art pen over Barry M's Coconut*(again!) to create this vintage look. I like how subtle this has turned out. 
Glitter This is for those glam gals amongst you! Not sure if I could rock a full on glitter mani but you could try this on an accent nail for fun. 
Blue Roses The blue here is Barry M's Huckleberry*. It's a perfect pale blue that isn't garish in the slightest. I scribbled carefully drew some rose outlines in a white nail art pen all over the nail for this look. 
Simple Tribal I thought a complete aztec look might be a bit OTT so went for a simple stripe. I used Coconut* and Huckleberry* again for this look. No striping tape involved, just a blue stroke down the middle straight from the bottle. 
The Groom Who could forget the groom?! I used a black nail art pen for this look. Two triangles form the jacket. another two form the bow tie and then three simple dots for the buttons. Easy!

I'm only going to one wedding this summer which is a shame as there is not much I love more! Not sure what look I'm going to be going for on my nails. I suppose it depends on the dress I choose to wear. Ah, decisions decisions!

Are you going to any weddings this year? What will your nails be looking like?



  1. These are all so cute and perfect for a wedding! I think my favourites are the glitter fade, the dotty chain, the lacy heart and the simple tribal! Choosing a dress for a wedding is always such a hard decision - I always find it so hard to choose a sari to wear for Indian Weddings! :)

    1. Oooo sari shopping must be fun though. So hard to pick just one dress that we want to wear, especially when there are loads of pretty ones to choose from. E&J.xx


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