Friday, 27 June 2014

We Are Siamese, If You Please

Today's design is inspired by my wonderful Granny and her love of Siamese cats!

Apparently she once had non-Siamese cats, but all the ones I've met were of the Siamese variety. At one point she even had a pair of brothers just like the ones in Lady and the Tramp! They were all house cats, but had an outdoor 'run' in the garden, which was basically a glorified cage. As a child I used to love sitting out there in the cage with them in the sunshine. In hindsight I think my parents probably enjoyed that time too as I couldn't unlock it from the inside and had to wait for someone to come and let me out!! 

I couldn't bear to just do one cat, so chose a double accent nail to give the first kitty a little friend. I did think about adding cream polka dots to the other nails, but totally forgot, and am actually quite glad I did. 

I used a fair few polish colours to create this mani:
  • Models Own - Nude Beige, Naked Glow
  • O.P.I - Put A Coat On!
  • Barry M - Cyan Blue, White Nail Pen, Black Nail Pen
  • Rimmel - Navy Seal*

Emma, aka Crazy Cat Lady, was very excited when I told her I was going to be attempting Siamese cat nails, so hopefully I haven't let her down! In fact, we were both so excited by cat nails that we have set up a new Tumblr called WeHeartCatNails!! This will feature our own designs and also other peoples cat nails, so if you have any to share please email them to us at Oh and if you love cats and nails, give us a follow!

I'm keeping this mani on as I totally love it, and it's the closest I'm allowed to a real cat. Guaranteed these little dudes are going to have names by the end of the day, any suggestions?



  1. How cute are these! I think they look like water decals, so you know they turned out great :) I loved your story about the cage as well! I always like really odd names for animals, such as Bernie or Egbert, something like that - but the two on your nails don't look like Bernies or Egberts to me ;)

    1. Thank you Robin! Bernie is a cute name. We like old/odd names for animals too - like Edna! E&J.xx

  2. I love the kitties, we have a Siamese called Lurch, next door has one called Hooch

    1. Thank you Emma! Siamese are so beautiful, you are so lucky to have one. And one next door too! E&J.xx


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