Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tiger Face

I've been wanting to try a tiger face accent nail for a long time, but wasn't sure I could pull it off. Emma is the artist at Dahlia Nails, I usually just stick to patterns. This design was inspired by a mixture of things. Tigers are coming up in jewellery and clothes all over the place these days, plus Cara Delevigne's finger tattoo of course!

I started with a white base and drew on the main features using a black nail art pen. I used a photo of a tiger's face for reference, but as they all have different markings I improvised a little when it came to the details. To add a colour pop I used Barry M - Greenberry for the eyes.

To complete the design I added two nails of black and white tiger print, and two plain Greenberry nails. The black and white makes the tiger face look a little more like a snow leopard, and the tiger print more like zebra, I didn't think that through very well!

I love how the green eyes pop out, he looks like he's pondering whether or not to attack! For my first attempt I'm quite pleased, now I have to hope Emma doesn't decide to give it a go and show me up!

Have you got on to the tiger trend?



  1. The tiger looks awesome! I think he looks kind of cute, staring at me with those big green eyes :) I must try tiger print sometime, I'm always sticking to that other cat related animal - leopard - when it comes to animal print, but your tiger print looks pretty good!

    1. We nearly always go for leopard print too so it was nice to experiment. Think we'll try and find some other animal prints to try as well - maybe giraffe! E&J.xx


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