Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review: OPI Neon Collection

Up for review today is a collection that Jo and I were so excited to try. We love a bit of neon in the summer and OPI are such great quality that we could not wait to get our paws on this range. This post is a bit picture heavy as there are six colours to show you but I will try and keep my thoughts on them concise.  All pics were taken with three coats of polish and no top coat.
Life Gave Me Lemons* Despite the name I would say that this polish errs a little on the green side for lemons but it is still an amazing shade. This is Jo's favourite shade of the collection and deservedly so - it is insanely bright and is unlike anything we have seen before. 
You Are So Outta Lime* This is my favourite shade of the bunch. Again, it is intensely bright but it is neon so we wouldn't expect anything less. I am a lover of green polishes anyway and this one is now firmly at the top of my list for summer. 
Juice Bar Hopping* If you are a fan of orange polishes then you will love this. I tend to find that orange works best on darker skin so I prefer peach tones but I imagine I will get some use out of this in my nail art. 
Hotter Than You Pink* This polish is a lovely colour but I can't understand why it has a shimmer. Down To The Core-Al*(below) also has a slight shimmer but it isn't as intense as this. I'm not a huge shimmer fan at the best of times and when combined with such a bright pink it's a bit too intensely girly for me. If you like a bit of girliness though you will love this! 
Push & Pur-Pull* This was my least favourite polish of the bunch. It saddens me to say this as I am usually a huge purple fan but it just did not apply well on me. The neon aspect wasn't there which I found disappointing and it took me three coats to get it streak free. You can see from around my cuticles too it was quite difficult to clean up. A pretty shade but a bit too much hard work. 
Down To The Core-Al* This shade reminds me a lot of Hedonist by Models Own. The main difference is that this has a little shimmer to it so it's not quite as matte as Hedonist. Jo has already shown you how to create a fab mani using this shade here

Overall this is a great summer collection. There are a few shades which really stand out and some that we probably won't use much but pretty impressed with the brightness and usability of the range as a whole. 

Which shades stand out to you?

The collection is available now with an RRP of £11.95 per polish.


  1. I love the colour of Push & Pur-Pull, even though it's not neon, but every blogger has had problems with application so I'll probably find another polish that resembles it :) Down To The Core-Al is a lovely shade as well! And I'm actually quite a fan of too bright pink polishes so I like Hotter Than You Pink too :)

    1. I think the purple might have been better with thinner coats but I found it hard going. I have a Victoria's Secret shade which is really similar and applies much better. I'll do a swatch soon for you. Emma.x

  2. These at look great! I love the look of You are so outta line! I agree Hotter than pink does look a bit strange with a shimmer and it's a shame Push & Pur-Pull was hard to apply, I normally really love purple nail polishes too!

    1. We love the yellow and greeny shades which is odd as we usually like the purples and corals. We really would have liked a blue though :( E&J.xx

  3. 'You're so outta lime' looks gorgeous! Great review :-)


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