Sunday, 22 June 2014

Let's All Go Navajo

I have been thinking for a while about creating a summer mani with the Models Own Hed Kandi set that I purchased earlier in the year but I just couldn't think of the perfect look. Then I was flicking through my Wah nail book (the second one who's name I have forgotten. Something about Downtown!) when I came across the tutorial for Navajo nails and I knew that I wanted to try them. 

They were harder than they looked, I'm not going to lie! Trying to get the lines straight and even was a challenge for someone as impatient as me. My black Barry M pen was slightly too thick for this kind of intricate work as well so if anybody has any recommendations for thin nail pens I shall be most grateful. 

I started by painting two coats of Barry M's Lychee. I then started with the middle stripes and worked my way out. I used Bora Bora, Beach Party, and Hedonist by Models Own as well as Barry M's Turquoise. I had wanted to use Balearic Cool by Models Own but the formula is pants and the colour didn't pop enough. 

Overall I was pleased with the results of this but I can see myself recreating this in a year or so once I've had more practise at fine lines. 




  1. These are perfect for summer! I usually look in the WAH books for inspiration when I'm stuck too! I think the second one is called The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls? The combination of colours works really well too! :)

    1. Yes! That's the title. Bit of a mouthful we think. WAH are the originators for us so we often turn to them for inspo too. E&J.xx

  2. These look awesome! You make me want to try another tribal pattern now :) I especially love how your ring finger and pinky came out, the lines are so neat and thin!

    1. You should definitely try another tribal pattern. 'Tis the season! I had a bit more control over the pen by those two fingers - the others are a bit clunky. Emma.x


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