Sunday, 15 June 2014

Daria Nails! La La La La La.

After Jo's amazing 'Saved By The Bell' mani we were thinking of other 90's shows that we could put on nails. In the mix were some real classics but Daria stood out for both of us. That show was the best. I used to watch Daria religiously on Channel 5 on Saturdays right before Sunset Beach. Ahhh those were the days. Daria and Jane were two arty, sarcastic gals that I could relate to and I had a huge crush on Trent. I KNOW that he's a cartoon character but sometimes they are kinda sexy (like the guy in Mulan).  

When someone asks you if you're busyAaaaanyway! We forgot about Daria for a couple of weeks and then I hit a block. Jo requested these so I dusted down my black Barry M pen and got to work. To get me in the mood I procrastinated with some Daria quotes on Buzzfeed.  

The green I used is Max Factor's Cactus Green which I bought specifically for leaves on floral manis. It was the only green I have that is similar to Daria's coat. I topped it all off with Rimmel's Matte top coat which I love. 

I think I have an old VHS of Daria series one at my mum's house. I might have to dig it out after doing these. Or just pay £35 for the 8 series DVD box set on Amazon. Tempting!

Who are some of your favourite TV characters?


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