Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Daisy Chain

Jo did a cute daisy mani at the end of April which I loved so I decided to create my own version. Mine is actually nothing like Jo's but that's good as we don't want to duplicate material for you! 

I used Nails Inc's Portobello Road as the base colour. This is one of my favourite blue shades of all time but I'm not sure that you can buy it any more as I think it was a limited edition. The Rita Ora for Rimmel shade Pillow Talk is quite similar, just with a shimmer. On top of the blue I drew some daisies with my white Barry M pen and then joined then with some squiggly lines for the stalks. I used a small brush to add the colour details. 

These turned out quit cute. The colour is so wearable and the print is unobtrusive so you can get away with them for every day. 



  1. these are so pretty might try them out

    1. Thank you! You should try them - they are really simple and look so cute. Send us the link if you do. E&J.xx


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