Thursday, 19 June 2014

Acceptable In The 80s

I have been looking for Maybelline's Bleached Neon collection for ages. I went on a mission searching New York for them but couldn't find them - where do people buy nail polish in New York? I couldn't find any of the brands I wanted. Anyway, I finally came across two of the colours in my local Superdrug this week. They only had Tropink and Coral Heat so if you know where I can find the rest I will be most grateful. I also snapped up Lilac Rebel and Top Splatter from the Acid Wash effect range as they looked pretty interesting. 
I was intrigued by these polishes because they are really bright pastel shades rather the highlighter colours that you think of when you hear that a neon range is out. They remind me of the Models Own Polish for Tans range, especially Coral Heat. The colours really popped without being too much. I think they are absolutely perfect for summer. 

Lilac Rebel applies like an indie polish as the blue has a jelly consistency making the white bits get lost. I was a bit underwhelmed by this until I created the look below where I thought it looked pretty cool. The Top Splatter is quite pretty but I don't think it will make other polishes have that same acid wash effect as it will stand out too much. You could try it with a jelly polish to try and create the look yourself but I can't be bothered to mess about with that! 

I found that all of these polishes applied really nicely. I think the Maybelline Color Show range is great; it is affordable, the ranges are getting more and more interesting, and the formula works like a dream on my nails. 
What with all the bleach and acid I decided to go for a classic WAH Nails design on my fingers. I think this design is called Downtown and is really easy to create - just draw some random black and white graphics over your base colour and seal with a top coat. 

Have any of you reviewed the Bleached Neons collection? I'd love to see some swatches of the other shades. 




  1. The bleached neons look so cute! I love the nail art you did with them too, it fits perfectly with the colours! I wasn't going to pick these bleached neons but after seeing how you used them I quite like them!

    1. They're just my kind of polish so I had my heart set on them but they are actually much better than even I thought! You probably don't need the full set but the coral one is really nice. Emma.x


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