Monday, 19 May 2014

Tutorial: Easy CocoCat

As I was looking through my wardrobe for some nailspo I came across this pretty blouse from River Island. I was in love with this when I bought it as it reminded me of the Miu Miu SS10 collection which was soooo cute. Even though I can't draw cats very well I knew that I wanted to give this print a try on my nails.  Here's how I did it...

The colours I used for this all came from my Barry M stash. From left to right they are: Coconut*, Lychee and Pink Flamingo. The tools I used came from two different sets: the pink are from Topshop and the white are from Ebay. They both work just as well but the white were a fraction of the cost. 

How to:
1. Paint two coats of your pale base colour
2. Use your dotting tool to create random dots in your darker beige colour
3. Using your black and white nail pen, draw some cats with neck/tail bows. For the sitting cat I started with the head, then drew the bow, and then the body. For the standing cat I drew the head and body, then the bow, and then the tail. 
4. Colour the bow with your pink polish
5. Finish with a quick-drying top coat.

Et voila! 

I am still so in love with this new Gelly shade, it is the perfect base for nail art. I wish I was a bit better at drawing cats but it's probably a good thing I'm not otherwise I would be doing cat nails every day and Jo might get a bit annoyed! 



  1. Aww so cute! Your blouse is super pretty and the print works really well on your nails too! This is really really cool :)

    1. Thank you! The blouse is a bit crazy but that's why we love it! E&J.xx

  2. These are so cute! Great tutorial too! :)

    1. Thanks! We are trying to do a few more tutorials - glad you liked it. E&J.xx


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