Thursday, 1 May 2014

This Sh! Is Bananas

We have gone a bit tribal mad here at Dahlia Nails. Jo had some fun with her Muji gel pen recently so I decided to get in on the monochrome look with my trusty Barry M nail pen. As summer is fast approaching and I am obsessing over fruity prints I decided to throw some bananas in the mix. I love how this turned out. OK, it may not be one to wear to the office but it's fun for a festival weekend or some summer drinking in the park. Who am I trying to kid? - this is the sort of bonkers look I would wear every day if I could get away with it at work. 

If you have any fruity ideas please list them below and I will do them for you. I literally can't get enough! 



  1. AAH I love these! Like you say, they are quite bonkers but I love nails like that and would wear them all the time as well :D The tribal looks amazing as well! I still have kiwis and watermelons on my to do list for nail art :)

    1. We can't wait for your fruity nails. We are still obsessed. Kiwis are on our list as well! E&J.xx

  2. These look amazing! Definitely great for a festival :) xxx

    Lisa |

    1. Now we just need to buy tickets for one! We're thinking Lovebox this year.E&J.xx


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