Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Snazzy Sweetheart

O.P.I -Sweetheart* is the perfect everyday shade of pink. It's just pink enough to not be a nude, but stops short of any correlation with Barbie-esque tones. It's the exact right shade to wear to work, elegant and feminine, but in no way 'baby pink'. The most similar polish I have is Barry M's Rosehip* which has a lot more white in. I've been looking for this shade of pink for a while so I was beyond pleased to find it on the shelf at the Coty event we attended recently. 

I was so pleased with the formula of this polish, opaque in two coats (although I added a third for good luck) and silky smooth. Topped with Seche I've managed to make it last much longer than my usual average without chipping!

Of course I couldn't resist adding some nail art to this polish, it was just screaming out for a design!

I added this design on with a nail art pen, which is why it's a little more wobbly than I would prefer. It's something I've had in the back of my mind a while as it crops up on Instagram from time to time, usually in mix and match designs. I thought it would be really fiddly and slow to do, but once I got started it was pretty simple. Just draw on a grid (if you use a striping pen you'll get neater lines than me), and then fill half of each square in using a nail pen. Easy peasy! 

This is a really fun, striking design and when I move my nails around it's almost an optical illusion. From afar these look like a nail wrap - which isn't something I usually think with my nail art. I'm so pleased with how well this design works as a full mani, not just an accent nail. Very snazzy!!



  1. Really cool design, I could definitely mistake it for nail wraps! I also almost always use three coats for a polish even though it fully covers in two - I'm just so used to three coats I think two just CAN'T ever be enough right ;)

    1. We've started to use three coats but we were always twoers so it's a bit strange! E&J.xx


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