Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Peach Weave

So it turns out we're having a bit of a Barry M love-in at the moment! This is not planned, we just happen to be using a lot of their polishes. As you know they're one of our faves so this isn't surprising. Hope you're not getting bored of Barry, we will try to mix it up a bit more for you in future!
This mani started life as a plain Peach Melba for work (damn office job inforcing me to have boring nails!). This is one of my oldest polishes, I think I bought it when Emma and I were back at uni, but the formula is still great and I absolutely adore the colour. However, when I got home from work I couldn't resist drawing a pattern onto them!
I used a Muji fineliner to draw a weave pattern, inspired by the awesome Boom Nails and One Nail To Rule Them All. I started with parallel vertical lines and then added horizontal lines to form a grid. Inside the grid I drew alternating parallel lines to create the pattern. It's a really simple process (although you need to be patient) and I think the outcome is stunning. Just seal it all in with top coat, I used Seche, and you're done!
What's your view on peach nails, yay or nay?

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