Friday, 16 May 2014

Mani Swap: One Nail To Rule Them All

Today is a very exciting blogging day for us! We've been lucky enough to do a mani swap with one of our favourite bloggers, Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All (you've seen plenty of designs inspired by her here before). Those of you who are unfamiliar with a mani swap, this basically means that we picked one of Alice's designs each to recreate, and she chose one of ours. 

It was great fun picking out designs to try, we love them all so it took a while! In the end Jo chose to recreate Pink Geometric Leopard Print and Emma opted for a Rob Ryan inspired design.
The originals - Pink Geometric Leopard Print and Rob Ryan Valentines nails
Jo's version of Pink Geometric Leopard Print
Emma's version of Rob Ryan inspired nails
We didn't have exactly the same colours to use for the recreations, so they're not identical to the originals, but we love how both designs turned out and it doesn't matter that they're a little different. Alice has tons of wonderful designs and we both opted for something to suit our individual nail art styles - Jo, predictably with a geometric pattern, and Emma with something a little more artistic!

As part of the mani swap Alice also recreated one of our designs - you'll have to have a look on her blog, One Nail To Rule Them All, to see what she chose! You can also see Alice's work on Instagram, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

This was our first mani swap, so big thanks to Alice for getting us involved, we loved it! 

Love and hugs,


  1. Oh that's so awesome that you could do a mani swap with Alice, she is amazing! You chose some great designs of her and I adore your recreations! I'm curious to see which design she recreated from you :)

    1. She IS amazing! Trying to do her designs was no easy feat as she is so good but we tried our best! It was fun too - love doing a little swapsie! E&J.xx

  2. This is such an amazing mani swap! I love both of your blogs and the designs you recreated are amazing and look just like Alice's! Mani swaps are such a good idea too! :)

    1. Thanks! We are quite proud of these even though they were harder than we expected - Alice makes it look so easy! E&J.xx


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