Saturday, 24 May 2014

Geometric Tips

It's been a little while since I've graced the pages of this blog with geometric nail art, so I thought I should change that asap. This design came together from a mixture of geometric prints I've seen over the past six months or so, including an obscure picture on the wall of a tiny cafe in the alps. Geometric mountain prints always strike a chord with me as they mix two of my favourite things! I didn't aim for this design to resemble mountains, the shapes were just drawn on randomly, but in the end they do remind me a little of ice, or rocky formations.

The base colour here is the absolutely gorgeous O.P.I - Down To The Core-al*. I used it with O.P.I's white base coat Put A Coat On* which really helps to bring out the neon brightness! We nearly always use a white base for bright colours as it makes them pop - remember this when you dig out your summer shades!

Once the two coats of coral were dry I drew on the geometric outlines (just a series of triangles) using a Barry M nail pen, then filled in the shapes with a white pen, and neatened it up with the black again. Although this requires a little bit of patience as each layer dries, it was really easy to create, if you can draw triangles, you can create this nail art! 

These are real Saturday night nails - perfect for a party! What are you wearing on your nails tonight?



  1. These look really cool! They do indeed remind me of icebergs a bit :) I think the black and white look great in combination with the coral - you have now convinced me I need Down To The Core-al by the way ;)

    1. Thanks! We weren't expecting to like the OPI neons as much as we do - we're obsessed! This is one of the best shades so if you only get one, it's a good one to go for. E&J.xx


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