Friday, 2 May 2014

Dahlia Nails Sleepover

This week we had a London tube strike enforced Dahlia Nails sleepover, and true to tradition we drunk wine, watched a film and painted our nails! Well, I painted Emma's nails, while she watched the film, which unfortunately turned out to be pretty funny and made my job harder. Add in my boyfriend telling Emma awful jokes (for example - How many South Americans does it take to change a light bulb? Brazilians!) and you've got two very jiggly hands to work on!

Emma chose her colours and designs so I have no idea what the theme is, or if there was any kind of inspiration. The only thing she was desperate for, in true crazy cat lady style, was the cat design from my Halloween Nail Wheel (I had to persuade her that a full Halloween mani in April was not acceptable). We decided to put the a little cat on each thumb so they could talk to each other, one's even saying a little meow!

The rest of the fingers were a little more subdued, sticking to dots, stripes, glitter and fades. Ok, maybe not that subdued!

Index Finger - This is a base of Rimmel - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, which is a gorgeous pale (and quite sheer) purple shade. On to this we added a glitter fade using Models Own's stunning holo glitter Southern Lights. I love how, although a bit out of focus (oops!) the glitter catches the light in the photo.

Middle Finger - This is a simple design of white polka dots over Barry M Spring Gelly - Huckleberry. We used a Primark nail art pen to add the dots. 

Ringer Finger - This is one of my favourite ever navy polishes, Rimmel Pro - Navy Seal. We used the Primark nail pen again to add the stripes.

Pinky Finger - You might recognise this as one of my favourite glitters, Models Own - Pink Fizz. It's so purdy! 

I was a bit worried how this mani might turn out as Emma didn't seem to have any particular plan or theme, but I love how well it worked. The colours (although different on every finger) compliment each other well, and form a lovely spring pallet. 

This is the first post to feature nail art by one half of Dahlia Nails, modeled by the other half!


(and Emma I suppose!!)


  1. I love every single nail ! They would all look gorgeous on their own, but together they fit so well!

    1. Thanks Emily! We're glad you like them. We weren't sure at first but grew to love them quite a lot. Next time we might leave the cats out - they deserve their own mani! E&J.xx


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