Saturday, 17 May 2014

Club Tropicana

As you may have noticed by looking at some of my recent designs I have been in a bit of a fruity, summery kind of mood. When I saw some bright designs over on @dinkypinkys Instagram page I felt another tropical mani coming on.

I love how colourful this turned out. I am well and truly in the mood for summer now! In hindsight I wouldn't use the fimo fruit again. I forgot how much me and fimo don't get on! They look really clunky on the nail. I used a top coat to try and get the fruit to blend in a bit but it didn't work. I always like the look on other people but on my nails the little pieces just don't look right.

I like the look of all of these prints together but it's so hard to pick a favourite. What's yours?



  1. So summery! You are making me long for beaches and cocktails :) I love the cloud design and the palm tree design the most, but I think they all look great and fit together perfectly!

    1. I think the palm is my fave the moment! I keep changing my mind. Loving this summery weather - it makes these nail look semi-acceptable when I leave the house! Emma.x

  2. These are perfect for summer! I think my favourite is the watermelon nail! :)

    1. We like the watermelons but did a full mani with them recently so they aren't quite our faves at the mo. Love summery nails! E&J.xx


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